PSP5 Picture Tubes - the preparations

There are several ways to 'cut out' a single item out of a graphic, so you can have it on a transparent background and put it into a tube.

The methods I will mention here are merely directions you can try out on your own graphics. What method is good for you depends on the type and the complexity of your graphic. And it depends on what method suits you best.


Important notes

  • never work on the original image
  • remember to save often (in .psp format)
  • always work with a 16 Million color graphic
  • work on a layer

Selection tools

  • Shape Selection tool
  • Freehand tool
  • Magic Wand tool

Selections tools settings

  • Feathering
  • Tolerance
  • Sample Merged
  • Antialiasing

Working with selections

  • Tip: blow up the image
  • Modifying an existing selection
  • Hide/show the selection marquee

Eraser tool

Soften the edges

  • Paintbrush or Airbrush tool
  • Retouch tool
  • Eraser tool

Cropping the image

cropping methods

  • drag and drop
  • paste as new image
  • cropping menu

selecting the item

  • Magic Wand tool
  • Shape Selection tool
  • Crop Selection tool

Making a tube

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